Media management

Primer provides a powerful media management system.

It allows different types of media to be displayed in various ways and to be managed efficiently.

With its standard media types supported by default, Primer saves significant costs compared to development based on individual requirements.


YouTube, Vimeo, many other service providers and direct video upload.


High resolution JPG photos and PNG screenshots.


Downloads such as PDF or Office documents and other files.


e.g. vector graphics, icons, GIF, social media, audio and individual media types.

To make the content more diverse, media can be presented in various forms with various effects.

Primary images

Grid with Lightbox



Automatic image processing

Due to the structured data, Primer always knows exactly how the media should be displayed on the different devices and can therefore optimally embed them in the document.

Media files can be uploaded in original quality. Images are, for example, scaled down to the appropriate size based on their placement in the content.

The visitor's device is taken into account and e.g. smaller images are delivered for mobile devices than for large screens.

The Lazy Loading setting can also be enabled on request. This allows images to be loaded only when they are actually visible. This leads to an optimized loading time, especially for websites with a lot of images.

Media management is seamlessly integrated with content creation tools.

Placement in content

All media elements can be placed as paragraphs in the content.

If several media contents are placed in one paragraph of the type Media, a gallery is created. It can be displayed in a grid or as a slideshow with numerous display variants.

Media content can also be selected as part of numerous other content elements. Depending on placement and type, images are automatically cropped and/or scaled.

Media Browser

Wherever media is used, the universal media browser is used.

It shows thumbnails of all media types and allows to search the results by e.g. folder, tags and file name.

The mass upload allows you to upload complete image galleries at once and put them in the right order with the drag & drop function.

Administrate all media clearly arranged with the usual powerful lists.

Media library

Uploaded images can be included in the library.

This allows administrators to ensure that only high-quality images with complete metadata and licensing information are included in the library.


Media content can be supplemented with any metadata.

By default, folders or tags are used for categorization.

Additional fields can be added to include e.g. source information or license information.

Tracking media use

Primer tracks where media content is used. This creates an overview, consistency and the media content can be replaced globally more easily if necessary.

Additional options subjected to fees

With the flexible and powerful media management system, images can also be cropped directly on the website and effects such as watermarks, automatic alignment or gradients can be added. We are happy to take your individual requirements into account.

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