Primer is centered on a simple, modular content language with its numerous paragraphs. Paragraphs are components for content creation.

This collection shows each of them in its different content variants and forms of use.

Almost all of these content elements can be additionally placed in a grid with different layouts.

Not only do we have many paragraphs preconfigured, but we have also created some sample pages that you can clone and use as a template for your own pages. You can change the content as well as add or remove paragraphs. The editable nature of individual content elements can also be deliberately blocked so that editors do not accidentally remove functional elements. 
The text editor is clearly arranged and can be reduced in functionality to the maximum.
You can use Paragraphs both for structuring your news articles and for creating entire overview pages or landing pages. This provides editors with powerful tools that allow them to expand the website without having to pay for further development. For example, landing pages can be created for individual campaigns.

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Tools & Concepts

The following concepts are frequently used when editing content with paragraphs.

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