Succeed with Primer

Primer gives you the ideal Drupal 10 based software solution for your organization, product or campaign. It is the right tool for a successful online marketing.

With Primer, unlike other solutions, you can create content in a modular way with maximum freedom. Regardless of whether it is an overview page or a landing page - you can create it yourself. This allows you to publish a new campaign page quickly and easily and make the most of it. We even provide sample pages that you can clone and simply customize the content before you publish it.

Primer offers a lot more: you get different tools to communicate optimally with your customers, members or supporters. This is one of the key factors of a successful web presence.

You can create various forms; contact, survey and more. Forms can be integrated on different places inside your content. You can determine what mail should be sent to the user upon submission and which page the it will be forwarded to afterwards.

User data collected with such interactions can easily be exported and used in other ways (imported into an offline CRM system for example).

You can also control how content is shared on the social media. For example, you can set which text and image to display when sharing a particular article.

Another part of the Primer's basic package is the fully responsive standard design, which is color-coordinated to support your CI/CD. The basic package lets you specify which primary and secondary colors to use on your site. Further, you can choose from a catalog of standard fonts for the main text and titles. Finally, you can even determine which separator element to use.

A keyword search is also included to allow visitors to find and access older content.

As you can see, the Primer basic package gives you everything you need to successfully market your project.

Ff you want an individual design, a multilingual site, a connection to your existing CRM or other functions tailored to your custom needs we will be happy to assist you. We can advise you about all the necessary steps so you'll have everything you need to publish your website.