Towards digital transformation through Opensource

The digital transformation is one of the current hot topics in the organization and business world. It fundamentally changes business processes and creates unthinkable possibilities. We are convinced that open source software is an important success factor.

MD Systems helps companies develop their digital strategies and pushes digital innovation with open source. In addition to licensing-free use, open source also enables higher speed and higher agility in software development. This is because open source software is constantly developed by all interested and involved parties with different needs.

Primer was developed with the Open Source CMS Framework Drupal 10 and mainly uses modules that are developed and/or maintained by MD Systems. As one of the world's leading Drupal Agencies, MD Systems now manages more than 80 modules some of which are deployed at more than 800,000 websites.

Through the leading role of MD Systems, we can ensure that the modules used in Primer are always experiencing further development that is in line with Primer's vision and needs. In addition, MD Systems has a unique knowledge of the modules used in Primer.

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