Contributions to Drupal

MD Systems is actively contributing back to Drupal core and many contributed modules while developing Primer.

These contributions are then included in Primer as patches while they are being reviewed, tested and eventually committed by the community and ourself.

Drupal core

Most of our Drupal core patches are bugfixes as well as usability and performance improvements. Many patches are about multilingual and content moderation issues.

Moderation sidebar

One of the more recent features that are included in Primer is the Moderation sidebar, which allows quick access to content moderation actions as well as revisions and translations. Combining Content Translation and Moderation results in some very complex scenarios and we have been working closely with the maintainer of that project to implement many improvements for the translation integration, extensive automated tests as well as general user interface improvements. Many of these have already been committed.


Most new paragraphs features and improvements that we are implementing are developed within Primer. Experimental features or often development directly in primer, and are then released when they are becoming more stable. One of the most recent examples for that is the paragraph conversion framework, which allows editors to convert paragraphs to different types or apply other transformations.


Webform is a feature-rich project that is constantly improved and extended. Primer contains various complex forms, for example for event signups as well as Mailchimp integration. Our extensive functional and upgrade path tests have caught several regressions that we have been able to fix quickly, in close collaboration with the maintainer.

Disclaimer: The list below is automatically generated and might contain some incorrect or outdated information. We do our best to carefully review it.

This list was generated based on Primer 2.4, 1.09.2023.