Primer Prices

Primer is the perfect tool for all types of website projects: agencies, companies, organizations, clubs, campaigns, parties, etc. can create and manage their own website.


Primer Base



CHF 1'500

per language

CHF 15

per language

CHF 3'000

CHF 25

from CHF 0

from CHF 0

from CHF 0

from CHF 0

from CHF 3'000


Primer wird häufig mit individuellen Zusatzleistungen kombiniert.

Digitale Strategie

Workshops zur digitalen Transformation Ihres Geschäfts.


Erarbeiten einer benutzerzentrischen Seitenstruktur.


Umsetzung eines Designs nach Vorgabe.


Neue Funktionen nach Ihren Anforderungen.

Cost effective with Primer

The requirements of customers - especially from similar industries - are often the same.

Primer was designed to serve as a starting point for various types of websites: organization, campaign, product websites, etc. can all be created with Primer.

Primer combines many years of experience gained from various projects of MD Systems and Kampaweb. Numerous best practices from projects such as NP8 and Kampatools have been integrated in Primer so that many of the usual requirements for such online projects are already covered by the basic package.

This allows a website project to be launched within a few days, if no additional features and no individual design is required. As a result, the costs can be massively reduced so that Primer projects can be implemented very cost-effectively.

Through the unique experience of MD Systems with developing Drupal distributions, Primer is built on a foundation that ensures high stability and a perfect foundation for individual development.
Short term, the costs for individual development can also be reduced; long term, this reduces the costs for maintenance and operation too.

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