Extension Petition

In the simplest case, petitions can be created and placed independently by using a form in the content. Additional options are available for displaying a progress bar.

Petition with forms

Forms can be created and placed independently. Even complex forms with several steps and progress bars are possible. Email notifications can also be set up.

All data related to a form can be checked and exported from the administration side of the website.

Chargeable - Target & Progress Bar

If more comprehensive functions for petitions are desired, the additional module can be set up.

It offers

  • Target number of signatures
  • Automatic counter of the number of signatures
  • Progress bar for visualization

In addition to the directly transmitted signatures, an offset can be entered to count signatures from other sources.

CHF 450


CHF 10


Signatures are normal form submissions. The data is therefore by default only stored in Primer and can be exported as a csv file.

It is also possible to transfer signatures automatically to third party systems (e.g. Mailchimp or Salsa).

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