Extension Collect donations

Primer offers a unique extension for collecting donations.

The core of the solution is the donation widget, which can be placed in the content in various forms. It provides the entry point for end users to make a donation.

The solution can be run standalone with direct integrations to payment providers and it is also great for integration with third party systems. The design and functionality can be customized according to individual specifications.

Primer's donation solution offers several convenient ways to optimize every step of the donation process.

Corinne Tarnai, Portrait

The Primer Donation solution allows me to customize and integrate donation widgets into the content very quickly and easily. The newly gained flexibility makes my daily work easier.

Corinne Tarnai, Informatics UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein

We are happy to offer you the integration of other providers or your individual solution.

Drupal already has numerous integrations with Payment Service Providers. MD Systems develops and maintains the integration of Saferpay, Datatrans, PostFinance and has broad experience in the development of individual payment processing solutions.

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