Donate Step 2 - Confirmation / Checkout

During the processing of the donation, the environment is adapted to the chosen purpose.

The page consists of:

  • A summary of the donation
    • Purpose, type, interval, amount
    • A link back to change it
  • Mood based on the selected purpose
    defined by specific fields
    • Title
    • Hero / Teaser image
    • Sidebar
      e.g. with contact details, testimonial, certificates
  • A reduced header and footer
    • As few links as possible
    • As little text as possible
    • No CTAs
    • Regions (setup configuration) can be hidden, but important blocks can still be kept visible.

The means of payment must be selected first. This way, subsequent input fields can be prefilled by information given by the mean of payemnt (e.g. mobile).

The contact details (reduction to main channel e-mail with personal address) will be separated from the request for a complete postal address.

Request the complete address information for the issue of the donation receipt.

The side column is optimally suited for static passive trust-building elements such as certificates and testimonials. They can vary depending on the purpose or purpose category.

They should support conversion (donation) and not distract from it.