Primer Base Package

The Primer Base Package already contains a lot of functions. You can design your website with the numerous content elements yourself, have a full-responsive design and have connections to various tools that you need for your daily work.

Scope of services

The basic package includes support up to Go Live and a workshop of two hours, as well as project management. A total of 12 hours of work are included.

We prepare the website according to the needs expressed in the workshop and create up to five sample pages (e.g. homepage, news overview, news detail, contact, imprint) and a one-level menu. Afterwards the website is handed over for further content creation.

During the project phase, the website will be regularly updated and brought up to date with the latest developments. Passive monitoring for quality assurance and proactive analysis of anomalies ensures that the technical infrastructure functions properly.

Part of the offer are standard tools to minimize attacks by spambots, the integration with common Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, as well as sharing via e-mail and social media.

The design is adapted to your corporate identity with individual color scheme and logo and is responsive, i.e. the website is displayed on the most common smartphones and tablets optimized for screen size.

When choosing the font, you can choose from a wide range of Google Fonts. The setup of other individual fonts is subject to a fee.

When creating content, predefined visual components can be flexibly combined. A complex landing page with an image slideshow, a quote block, a form and action buttons is thus easy to create without having to involve a developer.

MD Systems has developed a collection of paragraphs which serve as components for content creation. Whereby these are constantly developed further. An overview of the existing paragraphs can be found here.

Media files (various image types and YouTube videos) of the website can be searched and embedded as paragraphs or directly in the WYSIWYG editor. The mass upload allows you to upload complete picture galleries at once and put them in the right order with the drag & drop function. Furthermore, metadata can be added and edited, images can be cropped directly on the website, and effects such as watermarks, automatic alignment, and gradients can be added.

Standard lists with the summaries of the respective contributions can be displayed in three ways: As a list with image, title, text and read more link, as a mini-list with image, title and read more link or as a grid view. They update automatically, can be filtered based on a content type or category and are sorted by publication date.

  • News incl. scheduling of articles
  • Press / Media

Cards and references are output identically to lists. Thus, the appearance can be reproduced with manually curated references or free content.

Whether Facebook social plugins, Twitter widgets or conversion pixels: code snippets can be integrated on the desired pages.

The integration of Mailchimp forms is part of the basic package. For a list of up to 2'000 contacts and the sending of up to 12'000 e-mails per month, Mailchimp does not charge any fees.

You can create any number of forms and manage them yourself. The forms can consist of any number of fields and can be named and structured according to your needs. If required, the responsible persons are informed by e-mail immediately after a form submission.

Two permission levels are available in the basic package: Editors can edit the entire content, while administrators have additional rights. An administrator can administrate or edit, configure, review and release the entire website.

The website is monolingual in the basic package, but can be extended to include other languages at any time.

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