Example: Small project

An association that requires a monolingual website as a platform for the public image and as an information provider for its members.

On a great looking frontpage, the most important content is to be found quickly. With images and the club logo on the front page it is clear that the visitors are on the club's website. The most important content and activities are linked to the detail pages.

Visitors should have a quick and easy access to the most important information:

  • External users will find the address, the purpose of the association, a contact form and, if necessary, even a member request form.
  • Members of the association can download PDF documents such as the registration for the general meeting, telephone lists or the most important events. The documents are accessible for all visitors.
  • The club can publish news in the news section

If a special event for the club is happening (tournament, fair, etc.), even individual landing pages can be created specifically for this purpose without having to hire a developer.


CHF 4'950


CHF 75



1. Contact

Please contact us to schedule an initial appointment.

2. Creation of a prototype

Send us your logo (if possible as an SVG file) and your primary and secondary colors, and we will create a prototype for you before the first meeting.

3. Meeting

At the first meeting, you present your requirements and we provide you with a first look at Primer by showing you your prototype and the features of Primer.

4. Handover for content creation

According to your requirements, we adapt the website and create up to five sample pages. We hand over the website so that you can create the content according to your ideas.

5. Support

In the next two weeks, you will create the content and we will support you by phone or email.

6. Go Live

As soon as you have created the content and the website is ready to be published, we will assist you with the Go Live.

Price composition

We recommend the Primer Basispaket for a simple web project. It will meet almost all your requirements. If you miss a feature after some time, we can add it later.