Primer supports the most common and up-to-date Browsers for the best possible results.

Primer is compatible with the following browsers

  • Chrome: latest 2 versions
  • Safari: latest 2 versions
  • Firefox: latest 2 versions
  • Edge: latest version
  • iOS Safari: latest version
  • Android Browser: latest version
  • Chrome for Android: latest version

Find an up-to-date list of recent Browser versions here:

As previous browsers and versions do not receive any security updates anymore, it is recommend not to use them.












Primer uses the most recent advancements in web technology for best results such as page loading time and smooth interaction.

We try to keep the key functionality working on older Browsers and accept reduced functionality on those environments. Appearance can vary.

Old browsers are not automatically tested. On your individual request we can look into supporting other Browsers, platforms and versions. As Primer allows an unlimited amount of combinations and compatibility problems are very complex we only offer such services on a time and material basis.

As we use Drupal in the background and rely on the community and its constant progress to fix validation errors and warnings, we follow the progress closely and help resolving those issues where appropriate.

We make sure our CSS and HTML are valid standard.

MD Systems

We do not blindly fix all validation errors in Primer for sake. The validators are not updated regularly and are not beyond all doubt. If you need to pass W3C Validation we will do that on individual request. As Primer allows an unlimited amount of combinations we only offer such services on a time and material basis.