All supported media types

Primer supports by default a variety of media types which can all be managed together in the media library: Images, videos, documents, icons, social media content, ...

Media types: Images (raster graphics)

Various image formats can be used in Primer: JPEG, PNG, GIF

The following applies in principle:

  • The images should have the aspect ratio 16:9.
  • Images should ideally be uploaded at least 1316px wide and 740px high.
  • As maximum size 3840px times 2160px (4k) is recommended.
  • With the exception of GIFs, in Primer, images are output optimized for the device used. On a mobile device, for example, a smaller image is delivered than on a laptop with a 15-inch screen.

Pictures: Vector Graphics

SVG files(.svg) are scalable vector graphics. They are especially suitable for logos, as they can be scaled without losing sharpness. This leads to much sharper display on modern devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, notebooks) with a high-resolution screen than pixel graphics such as PNG.

In Primer, SVG files are scaled to use either the maximum height or the maximum width of the space given by the design. The resulting "white space" to the left and right or top and bottom of the image is output transparently in most cases.

In Primer, we recommend using an SVG file for at least the website logo.

Media types: Documents

To download documents we recommend formats such as PDF. Like all media, the documents can be freely linked in the content.

Media types: Videos

Videos from YouTube and Vimeo are supported by default. Simply enter the link to the video, Primer will then load metadata such as titles and embed the video in an optimally responsive and accessible manner. Additional video providers can be activated.

Media type: Icons

Icon fonts such as Fontawesome are popular to visualize content. With the Icon Browser in Primer, any icon can be selected within seconds. At the same time, Primer helps to establish a consistent visual language, as the pages with the use of each icon are listed.

Media types: Social media

Due to the special support of social media contributions from Instagram and Twitter, they can be embedded by specifying their URL. Other social media contributions must be embedded with a code snippet by the customer administrator. If necessary, we will extend the list of supported services.

Chargeable additional requirements

The integration of further media types according to your requirements is possible.