Use free and beautiful images on your website


Images speak a universal language, visualize emotion and support the content message. But creating your own images at professional quality is either time consuming, expensive or finding the right images online is challenging.

In practice, users often end up googling for images or use stock photo previews with intention to temporarily use them as placeholders. Unfortunately, such images can easily end up on the live website. Most of these images are licensed, and it is illegal to use them without consent, payment and/or visible acknowledgements. This can lead to unfortunate consequences such as lawsuits and fines.

To support you in creating great content with images to use on your website, we developed a module for the whole Drupal community that allows you to access and use beautiful and free-to-use images from the Pexels platform. This new module will be included by default on Primer projects. This way, you will not have to worry about licensing images anymore.

Pexels is a stock photo and video website that helps designers, bloggers, and everyone who is looking for visuals to find curated collections of high quality material that can be used for free. If you see a picture you like, simply download it for free (no strings attached!). All images pass through a thorough review process and the license for free usage is non-revocable.






~200 000

new images per month

Our Primer integration allows you to browse the complete Pexels library while creating content and use media on your website with one simple click.

As if you were browsing Pexels library directly, you can search for images using text or keywords and filter for orientation as well as a color scheme.

When choosing an image, it is automatically added to the managed media library in the CMS and ready for use. The metadata of the images are populated automatically with the source of the image and its credits. You can then choose to display them and have all the information you need. Because Pexels’ licence does not require you to display credits, you can simply include the images. If you still wish to include credits to the photographer, the source url of the image is accessible as a metadata of each image, where all the details are accessible.

The Pexels module has been added to Primer 2.0, and will be included in your website as the updates are rolled out, and we are excited for your feedback and wish you a lot of fun using it.

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