Primer 2.0 release

It's time again! With the new Primer Update 2.0 we will introduce Drupal 9.2. We are skipping Drupal 9.0 and Drupal 9.1 and are now updating to the latest Drupal version.

Along with numerous performance improvements and module updates, new features will be added this time as well, learn more about them in this blog post along with the most important improvements.

As usual, the update will be rolled out to all Primer projects in the next few weeks.


The new import module is used to easily import content from an old website. The module automatically detects texts, subtitles, as well as images and files and inserts them into the appropriate Paragraphs. All Media items are automatically stored in the Media Library. After the migration, the structure can be adjusted manually.

The import is particularly suitable for smaller projects, where the manual migration can be facilitated. For large, complex projects we still recommend a database migration.

We will activate the module for you after an introductory workshop, where we perform custom adjustments.


The new Pexels module allows you to access and use royalty-free images for numerous topics directly from the free Pexels platform. The gallery is available after activation in the media browser and suitable images can be selected and used directly. Interested? Contact us so we can activate the module for you.

Read our blogpost especially about the new Pexels module.

If the start date of an event is set or changed for the first time, the end date is now also automatically adjusted. This should help you work more efficiently and faster.

We noticed that the moderation status "Draft" as well as "Archived" often causes misunderstandings. We have therefore generated a dynamic help text, which explains the current status of the page in short words before saving.