Primer 1.6 release

After the Primer Update 1.5, we have decided to prepare another small update before we introduce Drupal 9. We will present the optimized and new features of the 1.6 update shortly. We continue to prepare intensively for Drupal 9 and look forward to reporting more about it soon.

Through various performance optimizations, pages now load up to 20% faster than before. We are actively monitoring this and will make further improvements in the future.

Due to the increased use of anchor links, we also saw some potential for improvement in this area. The jump from the link to the target link is smoother and optimizations have been made so that the target link remains more visible when jumping.

Minor adjustments have been made to the design for the Community Feature and for the webforms. For example, the logo can now be entered as a standard in the mail header.

If, for example, a container with the  layout 1-3 was included in the content, all content was displayed in the same size on the mobile version. This has now been adjusted so that there is also a better ratio between content elements on the mobile version.