Spam protection with Captchas

Captcha has established itself as an efficient tool on the web, to prevent spambots from submitting the form by including a Captcha in a form.

Basically, Captcha is nothing else but a simple test which must be passed first to submit a form. The purpose of the tests is to find out if a human being or a robot / spambot wants to submit the form on the website.

There are different types of Captcha. Sometimes, for example, letters have to be recognized and reproduced, all fields in a picture have to be marked with a street sign, a simple math problem has to be solved, etc.

Captchas are basically completely at odds with the idea of accessibility. By definition it is a hurdle to distinguish humans from machines. Therefore they almost always lead to a noticeable conversion loss.

That's why captchas are often omitted first and activated individually as needed in case of a spam attack. Test your form after each adaptation!

Competition with spam bots

Since spambots are constantly being developed to circumvent the Captcha solutions, the Captcha solutions are also constantly being adapted.

Primer is constantly updated to provide a solid solution for spam protection. However, the effectiveness cannot be guaranteed due to the complexity of the problem.

Chargeable additional services

With a Service Level Agreement or an individual order we check the range of possible measures to solve your spam problem and implement them.