Unrestricted accessibility of online services for all is important for the digital transformation of the society. Primer is optimized by default.

Content for everyone

Accessibility has been a rapidly growing topic since the aging of the baby boomer generation. People with disabilities should not be excluded, and 20% of the society are personally affected in various forms.

Primer creates the technical prerequisites so that a website can appear barrier-free. However, a website will only be accessible if the content is consistently created with this goal in mind. A user-centric information architecture, focused on the target groups, reduced to clear core messages.

Eliminate barriers

In principle, it is a similar approach as when content is optimized for mobile devices. Such a device restricts access to complex content structures due to the screen size, but brings along other specializations that create new possibilities such as a higher resolution or a touch screen.

By consistently identifying and eliminating potential barriers, the content becomes easier to consume in a variety of ways and thus more accessible to all.

For example, by consistently optimizing contrasts in design, content can be read faster and reading is less tiring. Users continue for longer and find their way to their destination more often.

Better search results

The efforts towards accessibility lead to a higher quality of content. Search engines are also consumers of published information with certain restrictions and thus better accessible content is ultimately rewarded by better findability in search engines.

Specific measures in Primer

In Primer, countless standards, recommendations and empirical values are taken into account by default to ensure accessibility.

Here is a small selection of measures:

  • Consistent reduction to the essential.
  • Valid semantic HTML 5 markup.
  • Use of current tools to check web accessibility.
  • Consistent visual rules for elements such as the consistent identification of links.
  • Indication of external links with an icon.
  • Linked elements such as teasers/cards are clickable as a whole with "read more" element.
  • Check of the contrasts in the design.

Additional individual consulting & certification

Requirements such as the use of captchas or individual design specifications can conflict with accessibility. We will advise you in finding the optimum solution.

Projects can be certified with a partner such as the "Access for all" foundation. We are happy to offer individual support for this process.

Or send us an email at [email protected]