Create and manage any number of forms based on the Drupal module Webform. The forms can consist of any number of fields and can be named and structured according to your own needs. If required, the responsible persons can be informed by e-mail immediately after a form has been submitted.


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Use case examples

Involve readers with forms contextually

Interrupt the reading flow with a striking request for action.

Filling the form

The user input is validated.

Submitting the form

The data is processed and e.g. an e-mail confirmation is triggered.

Thank you page

The successful transmission will be confirmed with a message or on a thank you page.
Manfred Ruf

Die neuen Formulare bestechen durch ihr Erscheinungsbild. Sie wirken sehr viel einfacher und animieren Benutzer förmlich zum Ausfüllen.

Manfred Ruf, Informatik UNICEF Schweiz und Liechtenstein

Working with Form Submissions

Enable spam protection, limit submissions, moderate, resubmit after correction and export for further processing.

Create forms

All functions for managing forms. From the available field types to dynamic steps and control of the form's display.

Integration with third party systems

Forms are an excellent point for integration with third-party systems.

In the same way as sending an e-mail, new handlers can send the transferred data to a third-party system.

Individual integrations to your systems like CRM / ERP / Big Data / Analytics can be implemented.

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