Extension Events

The included standard feature "Event" provides a content type that presents individual events. Events can be displayed in different list views.

Event creation

Editors can record an event with date and time (from / to), address (with geocoding, Google Maps integration) and description with title + text. Editors can also use all paragraph elements (including grid layout, accordeon, ...) to enrich the content for events.

List views

For events lists for upcoming events and archives are available.

There are variants of the lists, which can be filtered by category by the users.

@todo Anmeldung mit Formular

Standard-Formular, klonen, individualisieren

Max Limit, Auch Gäste-Anmeldung?

Recurring events

If several instances of an event are needed, this event can simply be copied and updated. This also allows a more detailed description of the program of a specific date. It is not possible to set a repetition interval.


By default, all events are listed independently of their language. If a translation is available in the user language, it will be displayed.

Alternatively, only contents that are available in the current language can be displayed. Untranslated events are then missing in these languages.

For events and campaigns in Switzerland, the event calendar is often combined with the Community option.

Community members can also register events but with limitations. Contrary to editors of the website they only can add simple content with images.

Individuelle Zusatzanforderungen

Wenn Events mit individuellen Zusatzfeldern ergänzt werden, können diese auch bei den Listenansichten als Filter aktiviert werden. Weitere Anpassungen können zusätzlich angeboten werden.

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