Target audience interaction

Primer provides tools for successful direct interaction with customers, partners and other target groups. Website visitors can register for the newsletter or register via the contact form.

For example, a survey can help you get the opinions of your supporters; make product evaluations, research the reputation of your organization and much more.

This allows you to collect valuable data for your marketing, fundraising, communication strategy, etc. The submitted data is automatically stored in your website's database and are available for further use. You can simply export it into a CSV file, which you can import directly into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Alternatively, you can also analyze or evaluate the data using a spreadsheet program (MS Excel for example).

The integration with the e-mail marketing tool MailChimp is also part of the Primer basic package. It allows you to place a newsletter sign-up form on the website, which directly synchronizes the data entered by the users with your MailChimp lists. With MailChimp you can carry out your newsletter delivery in a very simple and cost effective way. MailChimp is even free of charge for lists under 2000 subscribers.

Alternatively we can also develop an automatic connection to the CRM of your choice.

Social media sharing

Sharing on the social media is a key factor in the promotion of web content nowadays. The ShareMessage module allows you to define a sharing text and image for each content item and thus achieve optimal results when sharing content. Adding placeholders, such as the site visitor's name, lets you create personalized share messages and optimize campaigns continuously without code customization.