The Paragraphs library is used to manage recurring content elements. However, these do not look different from the other Paragraphs in content. They can be catalogued, managed and displayed as often as desired by referencing. In addition, complex compositions can be stored as simple templates.

Consistency through standard elements

The need for reusable elements often starts with repetitive notes or annotations until you suddenly discover it everywhere: author profiles at the end of posts, a call to action for a current campaign, or in the form of compositions that once created should be used consistently.

The Paragraphs library allows standard elements to be catalogued and forms the basis for efficient and consistent communication in form and content.

The library provides a quick overview of where on the website is an element used.

For example, the most important recurring elements can be identified immediately based on the frequency of use.

If an element is modified, it can be determined which contents are affected by this. This makes it possible to quickly determine whether the new version fits everywhere or if alternative versions may be necessary.

When a library element is modified, it is immediately up-to-date on every page.

Higher productivity with templates

The Library can also be used to store and easily reuse templates, through compositions of Paragraphs.

To use these templates, simply detach the Paragraphs from the Library in the content, and update them.

This allows for easy manageability and consistency even with more complex compositions. At the same time, one-time adjustments are possible.