Google Analytics

The absolute market leader in statistics tracking and analysis of visitor flows is integrated as standard with many extras.

Accompany users on their journey

For the setup of the integration in Google Analytics, only the individual "Web property ID" must be stored.

The conversion funnel can then be tracked with ease. For example, from an ad via a landing page to the submission of a form, a donation or a download and subsequent sharing.

Find out where visitors lose interest and optimise the website based on the most important findings from Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager is also supported.

Webmaster Tools

More about Google Webmaster Tools in search engine optimization.

Individual tracking requirements

In addition, individual data can be collected according to specifications and sent to Analytics.

This enables extended segmentation, or, for example, the extraction of statistics on campaign participants or donation sales.

The same data sources can be used to create individual informative data dashboards. These are often the central system for implementing a strategy when managing a campaign.