Search engine optimization (SEO)

Achieve excellent rankings in search results with primer.

Primer provides modular tools for a content-centric approach, allowing projects to concentrate on the essential - the content. Good content is the source for good search engine results.

In order for high-quality content to be created and develop its impact, each project requires an individual information architecture.

Among other things, this results in the navigation structure and suitable content forms, which are the basis for the implementation of the content strategy.

Primer automatically generates self-explanatory URLs for all pages. For main pages in the navigation, the hierarchy is mapped in the address. For chronological content, the a URL is created with reference to the topic and date. If required, these URLs can also be overridden manually.

For orientation purposes, each page appears as part of an active menu item and a "breadcrumb" additionally shows the entire hierarchy.

Thanks to the structured modular paragraphs, these can be mapped into semantic elements in HTML 5. This allows search engines to more easily access or interpret the relevance of content in the context of a search query.

Primer automatically generates meta tags for each content. This already gives excellent results for most cases.

Users with the role "Client-Admin" can override the meta data if required.

Primer comes with the Simple XML Sitemap module by default, which provides the content structured in a file under /sitemap.xml. This file helps search engines to find your individual pages more easily and index them accordingly.

Primer automatically provides teaser metadata from each page, so that when sharing pages in any social media channel, a matching teaser with image is automatically output. Special optimizations were made for individual platforms, such as video support.

This Open Graph based metadata can also be customized if required.

Primer monitors missing page views and provides a convenient interface for fixing the problems.

This ensures that already indexed pages remain accessible and Google does not have to remove them from the index.

The Google Webmaster Tools are also integrated into Primer and allow to better understand how Google works and to optimize settings.

Especially after changes to the CMS, irregularities with the search results can be identified in the Webmaster Tools and further measures can be initiated.

Typically, the most important indexed URLs are exported and redirections are set up manually as required. Thus allowing to prevent a penalty that would be due to a sudden untraceability of URLs from search results.

Individual SEO consulting

On request, we are also happy to offer you advice and support for search engine optimization. We look forward to hearing from you.