Extension e-commerce

The extension for seamless connection of e-commerce products and their high-quality presentation in the content.

Without further adjustments, it can be used immediately for the sale of physical merchandise, including publications and merchandising. It can also be configured to sell digital-only offers and subscriptions / paid memberships or donated merchandise.

The solution can be operated stand-alone with direct integrations to payment providers and is also ideally suited for integration with third-party systems. The design and functionality can be customized according to individual specifications.

Invent new services. Primer E-Commerce can be easily customized to fit your unique innovative business models. Here are some possible uses:

Donate relief supplies

With donation receipt

Digital products

Digital delivery, e.g. as download


Digital delivery, e.g. authorization / roll for members

Physical products

Physical delivery to purchaser

Availability & Stock

Supports unlimited availability, inventory counter, prevents ordering of products that are not available.

Delivery types & delivery costs

Supports any number of shipping methods (e.g. standard, express) with different rules for shipping costs (free, fixed, per item, per weight) and applicability (e.g. order total, country, region, product type, product category, user role).

Value added tax

Supports all rates of Swiss VAT and calculation for products incl. as well as excl. VAT and compliant proof for B2B and B2C.

Discounts, coupons, promotions

Supports generation of coupon codes and flexible set of rules for various promotion models to build product marketing.

from CHF 7500


from CHF 75


The following requirements often require a new start after initial attempts with simple shop solutions. From the beginning, rely on a solution with Primer, which can be expanded step by step as needed:

Landing pages for products

High-quality product presentation in layouts with various media elements and interactive content.

Multilingualism, regionalisation, currencies

Translation of all information and restriction of availability to countries or regions with different prices and currencies.

Multiple shops with different processes

Different product types with different business processes in order processing.

High level of customization

Individual business processes, automation, user experience.

Seamless integrations

Existing or specialized systems such as product information (PIM), ERP, CRM, marketing automation, personalization, artificial intelligence (AI)

E-commerce solutions with Primer offer several convenient ways to streamline every step of the ordering process.

Browse the catalog

Products can be found by visitors via content on the front page, as well as landing pages with search and filter functions. In addition, you can use product variants, alternatives and accessories, with functions for promotion (discounts, coupons).

Add product to shopping cart

Visitors can access products through overview as well as detailed pages, where they can add products to ashopping cart for purchase.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart can be accessed via a button in the page header. It contains the list of the currently added products, and the user can change the quantity of items and/or delete them from the cart.

Delivery address - if physical delivery is necessary

Separate billing and delivery addresses can also be entered. The system automatically calculates the effective shipping costs and the total amount.

Order placement & payment

Before the purchase is completed, there is an overview page where the most important information is summarized once again: All products, the total amount, the selected payment method and the delivery and billing addresses.

Thank you page

Once the purchase is complete, the user accesses the order confirmation. If necessary offline payment instructions can be displayed there as well.

Automatic mail dispatch

The shop can be configured to automatically send emails after an order is placed: usually an email is sent to the person who placed the order, and one to the person responsible.

Our customers can easily donate relief goods and order publications or card sets. The transparent integration of all products and orders with SalesForce significantly simplifies our daily administration.

Daniel Leibundgut, Head of Customer Service UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Products can be efficiently managed and enriched with metadata. Because the shop is fully integrated in the website, editors can reference products in the content.

Product overview

List all products, with main picture, label / title, teaser text, price

Product variations

Selection of the variant (e.g. colour, clothes size, language for prints) with the corresponding picture.

Product types

The order processes can be tailored to the products (physical or digital products).


SKU, list price, weight, sizes, categories, tags, weight, custom fields.

All orders are accessible in a user-friendly list in the backend of the website. You can easily access the status of all orders and process them manually.

Agile innovation and transformation processes often require multiple cycles of iterative adaptation of service offerings and business models until success occurs.

Primer E-Commerce is a solid extensible base that can be used as a foundation for growing, changing business processes and adapted to new business models.

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