Digital Storytelling with Paragraphs

When creating content, we consistently rely on Paragraphs. Whether you need a simple text, a simple image, or a complex and configurable form, you can choose from the available paragraph types or place them in the content.

This allows you to make the visitors of your website aware of your concerns with digital storytelling and to inspire them.

Not only have we pre-configured many Paragraphs, but we have also created some sample pages that you can clone and use as a template for your own pages. You can also change the content as well as add or remove paragraphs. However, the edibility of individual content elements can also be deliberately blocked so that editors do not accidentally remove them.

The text editor is clear and can be maximally reduced in functionality.

You can use Paragraphs both for structuring your news articles as well as for the creation of entire overview or landing pages. Thus, editors have powerful tools at their fingertips that enable them to expand the website without high costs of development. For example, it is possible to easily create landing pages for individual campaigns.