Primer was presented to the first clients

The idea of ​​a solid "out-of-the-box" Drupal 8 based solution was discussed many times.

Our answer to this, the Primer distribution, is now available after several months of design and development. The solution combines all the media industry experience and innovative content creation ideas. Real digital storytelling without complicated requirements and development.

While initial projects are already being implemented, we are looking for more suitable pilot projects.

It is already possible to create highly personalized entities, which we adapt to the identity of the potential project (color scheme, logo).

The standard design is under development and will create a differentiated appearance with its numerous dimensions. This is still completely replaceable as necessary. Individual clients are also able to define their own specific Paragraphs / components.

The product description, the documentation and the design is currently being intensively worked on.

The focus in the open source area of ​​Paragraphs are currently improvements of the UX. We hope that there will be support from clients and partners to drive this development forward.