Paragraphs in the basic package

Modular and structured components can be used to create content with Paragraphs.

The integration with the Paragraph module is the core of Primer. Our goal is to allow editors to become more independent and to give them powerful tools for content creation without the need for custom development.

The paragraph components always follow a clear corporate identity and ensure optimal representation on different devices and output channels. Certain components can also behave differently on mobile devices. They can be folded or even completely hidden for example.

However, the various Paragraphs are not limited to creating content with text and images. They can also be functional and / or interactive. For example, you can visually highlight certain content, include forms in the content, insert a chronological listing of news articles, and much more!

With Paragraphs, the front page and other overview pages can be edited with the same content tools as an article or event.